Crystal Stone Angel Size 3

With its natural gemstone design, this 3" Amethyst Stone Angel is a distinctive and lovely addition to any collection. It is said that the amethyst stone bestows upon its possessor vitality, harmony, and tranquility. Get this poignant angel for yourself or as a kind present.

There are affordable expedited shipping alternatives available through DHL or FedEx, with 100% insurance, and a delivery guarantee of two to three business days after shipment. Please make sure you are ordering from the available selections.

Disclaimer: Buyer is responsible for paying any customs fees or any taxes that may be due in the destination nation.

Note: All of the marble and other stones that we utilize in our products are entirely natural. Since each piece is unique, just like you, the color may differ slightly from what is shown because we utilize natural stone. The product is devoid of any logos. It helps to protect our items' designs. It is expected that handcrafted products would have slight variances in color and design.

Each gemstone is guaranteed to be original and comes with a certificate of authenticity for verification.

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