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Flower vase
Ancient Crafting $102.00 $125.00

The gorgeous 10-inch Ancient Crafting Floral Inlaid Marble Vase is a great accent piece for your house or place of business. This beautiful marble vase with its delicate floral inlay details adds a sense of refinement to any space.

Size : 10 Inch height..

1. Lapis lazuli - Blue Stone
2. Malachite - Green Stone.
3. Carnelian - Orange Red Stone.
4. Turquoise - Sky Blue Stone.
5. Paua Shell - Colorful Shiny.
6. Jasper - Brown Stone.
7. Mother of Pearl - White Shining Stone.

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Disclaimer: Buyer is responsible for paying any customs fees or any taxes that may be due in the destination nation.

Note: All of the marble and other stones that we utilize in our products are entirely natural. Since each piece is unique, just like you, the color may differ slightly from what is shown because we utilize natural stone. The product is devoid of any logos. It helps to protect our items' designs. It is expected that handcrafted products would have slight variances in color and design.

Ancient Crafting $102.00 $125.00

Presenting our exquisitely crafted inlay art crock, an incredible example of artistry and skill. Skilled artisans painstakingly make this unique crock utilizing age-old methods that have been passed down through the generations.

The crock's smooth, rounded shape is the result of meticulous molding and shaping of premium ceramic material. Little pieces of colorful ceramic, glass, and stone are inlaid into the surface of the crock to produce the elaborate inlay art design that is guaranteed to attract the eye.

The result is a stunning and distinctive pattern.

This crock serves as a useful kitchen tool in addition to being an artistic creation. It looks great in any space and is the ideal place to store utensils, spices, and herbs. It is a flexible complement to any home design because of its substantial construction and enormous size.

Because each crock is produced by hand, no two are exactly alike, which adds to the exquisite piece's distinct beauty. Our handcrafted inlay art crock is the ideal option if you're searching for a stylish and useful kitchen accessory or a one-of-a-kind piece of art to showcase in your house.

The lapis lazuli stone: (Blue Stone)
Malachite: (Green Stone)
Turquoise: (Sky Blue Stone)
Carnelian: (Orange Red Stone)
Pearl Mother of Pearl: (White Shiny Stone)
Jasper: (Brown Stone)

Note: We only use 100% natural marble in all of our products . Because marble is a natural stone, the color may vary slightly from what is depicted because each piece is unique just like you. There is no logo on the item. It serves to safeguard the designs of our products.

Important Note : Buyer is responsible for paying any customs fees or any taxes that may be due in the destination nation.

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